Opinion~ The Golden Rule

We all have strong beliefs we hold close as truth or in other words our opinions. The way people express their opinions varies from person to person in any given situation. There are people vocal about their beliefs and others that are not. Some never know when to shut up while, other people just nod their head yes even when they do not really agree. People can get angry when someone disagrees with them and some buckle to the beliefs of others. There are many different reasons and factors why people react the way they do with their opinions. No matter what, I believe there is a Golden Rule that applies to everyone.

The Golden Rule is Respect. People should treat others, as they want to be treated. If someone wants their opinion respected, they in turn need to respect the other person’s opinion. That does not mean you agree with them. It means you respect that they hold a belief that may be different then yours but it is theirs.

In my book, there is an exception to The Golden Rule. If someone is obviously disrespecting a loved one or me then that rule flies out the window. Most of the time, I first play it cool explaining the need of respect. Then if they continue, I give them a piece of my mind. However, there are times that call for extremes right away. When situations arise where reasoning is not a possibility and protection is necessary. It can be brutal in the world of opinions.

Can you imagine what the world would be if everyone applied The Golden Rule?


2 thoughts on “Opinion~ The Golden Rule

  1. So true River. The world would be a very boring place if we all agreed on everything, but even in our differences we need to be respectful. However, I agree that sometimes the Golden Rule needs to be forgotten. I can recall a time when you ‘broke’ the Golden Rule and gave someone a very ‘vocal’ piece of your mind in my defence. Will forever appreciate that. However, that said, you are someone whom I have always found to be totally respectful when interacting with others (with that one exception). xxx

  2. Lol! That guy deserved what I gave him. It would have been more in person. You have my heart and he was verbally attacking you.

    Oh, I agree that would be horribly boring if we all thought the same. People just need to give each other respect.

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