Featured Poet ~ Interview with Pete Marshall

Pete Marshall is a UK based poet from Southend, and one of the hottest poets out there on today’s blogosphere. Not only does he have a panache for rhythm and rhyme which is rare in today’s style of poetry, but he’s also co-founder of One Stop Poetry, the only online site dedicated to bringing poets together http://www.onestoppoetry.com. I’ve been lucky enough to call him a friend for the past few years, he is humorous but also honest, even confessing that he taught himself to read from the sports pages of the Sun newspaper; he manages to cover a huge amount of social and cultural narrative in his poetry even delving into the realms of fantasy with his darkened tales series. His work is both relatable and sometimes close to the bone.

On writing “I just like to take people to a place where they can think. A good poem makes you think, puts you in touch with your inner self, can remove you from that moment and place you in a new domain. A good poem inspires!”

The Awakening

These nails I’d grown
To cultivate
Dug deep & hard
In pallid flesh
I pulled my skin
Across my chest
And felt my ribs
That grasped for breath.

And as I lay
The more I thought
What tastes disturb
Upon my tongue
As teeth bit hard
On anxious flesh
And death recoiled
At what I’d come.

As nerves crept through
My empty veins
I challenged sense
Of earthly realms
Those cries I hear
On silent winds
That sing of death
And thrive in dreams.

Was I the one
That took first bite
Upon your stained
& soiled sheets
And satins touch
Is Satan’s lust
That spurred us on
In savage feast.

Inside I feel
The acids joy
That courts my soul
And marries minds
As logic flirts
And lures my will
In dance that speaks
Of tales unkind.

To walk in death
With memories lost
As shadows flit
We move in time
And nails that press
And rip my skin
Are needles through
My ravaged arm.

Now gone are days
And gone is slumber
As nights draw in
And waken me
To taste your flesh
Is my desire
And purge myself
Of dignity.

Pete has been writing for many years first picking up a pen at the age of 16, and then sporadically writing throughout his life until something changed, spurred on by his son two years ago he took his written archives out a box and started writing for the internet. Admitting himself that he wasn’t really aware of what the net was at the time

“so I thought lets go online and see what my work is like, will people like it and so forth..i have never been afraid to put my neck on the line and if people want to rip me apart then do so…i am that open minded”

Over the last 15 months his poetry blog has evolved into a collection and anthology of his life, being a husband, father and football (soccer) fanatic but also facing the trials of being unemployed in a variable economic climate.

Left to Drift

Storms of oblivion cloud my mind
As I battle to moor my inner conscience
Life was once an abundance of hope
Defeated & beaten by reckless dreams.
Embittered storms that ravage seas
Darkened clouds that strike with fear
With lowered heads we fight in vain
But waters always find a flaw.

Deep inside and further down
Visions of guilt burn through my mind
Release the pain in a barge of gold
But left to sail these waters alone.
Confused I wait upon my berth
Entangled doubts that weave my mind
Careless I drift alone and forlorn
As I battle the waves that engulf my soul.

Thursdays child was marked from birth
But shoes of stone have held him back
In a struggle of life that ponders deep
Where waters flow and never cease
Desperate times bring wish well friends
Brazen words and reckless deeds
Consume a passion that passes time
Yet plates lay bare & casks run dry.

I would like to thank Pete personally for the hard work he puts into his poetry, not only this but for playing a very active roll in bringing poetry to life online through one stop and his various endeavours. Still waiting to see him in the “goth” make up though!

You can find Pete’s blog here


11 thoughts on “Featured Poet ~ Interview with Pete Marshall

  1. When it comes to rhythm and rhyme, as well as depth in poetic lines expressing musicality of language, emotional content, and well-timed humor; Pete flows like no other poet out there—on or offline. He’s a great individual and craftsman & doesn’t receive the credit he deserves for his tireless efforts in establishing the One Stop Poetry platform. Thank you for this interview.

    • I hope you’re ready for yours! Thanks Adam, Pete does some amazing work for poets and poetry and so do you over at One Stop, I for one am most grateful for all your efforts

  2. so good to see pete featured here. he’s indeed a poet with a “built-in” rhythm and flow guarantee and does a lot of work behind the scenes for One Stop. great interview shan –

    and hey shan – you doesn’t have to be more than you…be just you..and that’s wonderful

    • Thank you Claudia! Pete’s fantastic for letting me interview him for our first edition! I’m trying to dance to the rhythm of life, I think I’m liking it here 😉

  3. Thanks, Trio, for the interview with Pete Marshall. Excellent poet. Pete, don’t see yourself as unemployed, see yourself as ‘otherwise’ employed – in sharing your excellent poetry with the world. I agree with the comment further up to the effect ‘seems like a nice bloke’… lol

  4. very cool. pete is a great man and i could think of few others i would rather have at my side in the OSP adventure. he has a wonderful and vivid style to his writing and i am proud of all he has walked through these last couple years and still produce quality poetry and launch OSP with us. nice interview.

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